The freezer cap

DESCRIPTION This cap was designed in order to prevent the fast release of gas in an opened bottle of beer, whenever you need to conserve it in the fridge for the next few days. DESIRABILITY The design is based in “THE CORKCICLES” and “THE CHILLSNER”, for which another use was generated and applied. According to the research conducted, there is no beer cap which helps this beverage to keep the gas inside once opened, making people drink all the beer or throwing it away. FUNCTIONALITY The freezer gel and the metal both freeze and transmit the cool to the dipstick, which is introduced in the beverage. The physics principle of this system is that the release of gas from liquids decreases in low temperatures. FEASIBILITY The cap is made out of metal, silicone and freezer gel. The main piece is made out of metal which contains in its inside the liquid gel, surrounded by silicone pieces in different places of the object. MARKET ALIGNMENT All you need to do is conserve the cap in the freezer. Once you have an opened bottle of beer and would like to keep it for the next day, place the cap into the bottle and conserve it in the fridge.

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